A message from Iain Glen – 5th May 2019

“It’s wonderful that this mural of has been created to celebrate the memory of Richard Burbage. As a local I’ve always cherished Dulwich’s association with some of the great actors of the past and there’s none finer than Richard Burbage.”

Shakespeare’s Birthday Parade – 27th April 2019 – Stratford England

Residents attended this annual parade to mark the 400th anniversary of Richard Burbage’s death.

At Shakespeare’s tomb

Guided Burbage Walk – 13th March 2019

The 400th anniversary of the death of Richard Burbage was celebrated with a walk that recreated the removal of the Theatre from Shoreditch to Southbank where it became The Globe

London Live captured the day in their report here:

Helen Edwards of St Leonard’s Shoreditch, welcomes the guests at 10am

and actors from The Secret Theatre who provide a surprise performance from ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ one of the tragic roles created by Shakespeare for his finest actor, Richard Burbage

We see the memorial to Burbage and the many other actors whose resting place is this, the original Actors’ Church

and leave a special floral tribute: dill, for Dulwich, rosemary for remembrance and wild flowers

Before we set off – a group photograph

Our Blue Badge Guide, wonderful Gavin Webb

En route, the original Theatre is under renovation

At Southwark Cathedral we are warmly welcomed by The Very Rev’d Andrew Nunn and the ringing of the Cathedral’s bells to mark the occasion

‘Now is the winter of our discontent…’  Dulwich’s Pip Torrens reads from ‘Richard 111’, the snarling villain first played by Burbage

We leave a message on the Cathedral’s garlanded Shakespeare Memorial

Alison Venn, who designed and directed the tribute day

Sir David Natzler pays tribute to Richard Burbage

…before the group go on to the original site of the Globe and the present day Globe where 50 young people from Dulwich enjoy a spirited performance of Romeo & Juliet.

Thank you to everyone involved for commemorating this special day, Alison and David.